The most important way to reduce the cost of heating and cooling is to have very efficient insulation.  As technology upgrades become available for your smart phone almost daily, the construction industry has also produced new innovative ways for energy conservation over the last five years.

High-efficiency Heating and Cooling Systems that are designed and installed to deliver more comfort, better moisture control, improved indoor air quality and quieter operation.

Insulating your home with Aerogel has great benefits. A highly effective insulator, it is four times more efficient than fiberglass or foam and was developed for NASA.

Other innovative insulation products available are Insulated Concrete Forms.  Building with ICF insulates concrete on both sides for homes and commercial buildings.  These structures are built stronger, more energy efficient, more comfortable and are more environmentally friendly.

Optimize your home’s energy efficiency. Consider solar water heating and solar electricity. Take advantage of our local climate and site conditions. This can reduce your home’s energy use as cost-effectively as possible, and then meet the reduced load with on-site renewable energy systems.